Water Damage in Your Roofing: Most Common Signs to Watch Out

It is extremely important that you are knowledgeable about the signs of roofing water damage since you’ll then have to take the right action before the issue in your residential roofing system worsen as well as leads to leaking. So, in this article, you will be able to learn about the dangers of having a leaking roof. These include interior mildew and mold problems that can lead to a lot of health problems, damage to wall framing, rafters, exterior trim, ceiling joists, and fascia boards, which can lead to a more compromised integrity of your home’s structure, and damages to your attic and ceiling. It can also cause shorting of wires in your attic or ceiling and your home will also be prone to more fall and slip accidents. You will also have much higher utility bills because of the compromised insulation in your home.

If there are any signs that your residential roofing system has water damage yet not always obvious, these things are what you should watch out for and when you see this, it’s best that you contact roofing contractors Louisville KY right away:

Damaged Roof Shingles

Rainwater, along the associated strong wind and gusts can certainly lead to missing pieces of shingles, as well as bent, cracked and missing shingles. It can even cause some of your shingles to curl at the corners. As a matter of fact, the moment you have asphalt roof shingles, then rain water damage can certainly cause their edges to curl up. Furthermore, damaged or missing shingles can also expose your residential roofing system not only to more water damage because of the of the wood decking that is already exposed, but to other elements too.

Having said that, replacement is the only best solution and you can only be able to do that properly with the help of a qualified and experienced professional. Professional roofing service providers are all knowledgeable and experts in this field which means you can certainly rest easy and free from any stress and hassle should you decide to hire a professional roofing company Louisville KY to fix the water damaged roofing of your home.

Water Leaks

Water leaks and spots are considered as the most common sign the moment your residential roofing system has sustained water damage. Wet stains or spots and leaks in the ceiling or down the wall can also tell you that your roofing has already given away. It’s also best that you visit the attic for any signs of water damage in your home like sunlight that’s shining through the beams, mold, exposed seams, leaks, as well as sagging areas in your roof. Wet spots or stains down in your ceiling as well as down the wall is actually indicative of slow leaks in your roofing, while faster leaks indicate that your residential roofing has a much larger leak.

It’s quite difficult to know the exact cause of the leak that has a slow leak and because of that, you need to make sure that you only call in a professional and qualified roof repair Louisville KY for detailed inspection and accurate repair whenever needed.

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