Monday, 28 April 2014

Olive's Journey & Quest to Regain her Eyesight

Olive's fundraising video:

Beautiful Olive (in foster) wants you to read about her Journey and be part of our team to fundraise to help her have her eye surgery... isn't she a doll?!
Jan 6 , 2014 ~Animal id # A1446249~ South LA Shelter ~ Brought to our attention by Wendy Turner Hunter. Scared, and alone and nearly blind large cataracts covering both her eyes. There she sat, waiting for someone to help her. Her out date read Jan 11, 2014.. Would she be lucky enough to make her way out ???
YOU BET SHE WAS!! Jan 12, 2014 ~ Elena Marin to the rescue for WEST COAST COCKER RESCUE... She picked this little gal up and met up with Christa Morones who took her to the vet to get looked over.. she was walking a little funny... we find out this little doll was not only nearly blind, but had what appeared to be 2 fractures in her pelvis... Christa named her OLIVE... no longer animal #A1446249.. she now had a name and some friends who cared!
After her vet appointment Aunty Christa took her for a little makeover & some shopping! There just happened to be a grooming shop next door to the vet 's office which had lots of pretty things for a little girl who needed some pampering. From there she went to our friend Jenn for boarding to mend and get ready to eventually come to Vancouver. While in boarding she met friends Alex and Tango, also headed to WEST COAST COCKER RESCUE in Vancouver... seemed like a good thing to do!!
Feb 28, 2014. A kiss for luck and they were on their way... OLIVE and TANGO left LA (with Christa & Donna Harrington's help!)...
FAST TRACK to Vancouver.... Both kids were excited to start their new lives. A little make over by Alexis and a check over by Dr Anderson and things started to happen!! Tango got adopted right away and OLIVE went to foster (March 18, 2014) with Holly & Bart. She was already looking and feeling so much better..

Olive settled in really well with Olive & Bart and on April 9, 2014 we had an appointment with Dr Sandberg, specialist @ WESTERN CANADA VETERINARY EYE SPECIALISTS to see if something could be done to help her regain her sight...
Sitting so sweetly in the reception area @ WESTERN CANADA VETERINARY EYE SPECIALISTS waiting to meet Dr Sandberg. Several of our other cockers had already gone to meet with Dr's Sandberg and Keller, with not much luck... would OLIVE's chances be better? Was her good luck continuing on??
After a series of testing with Dr Sandberg.. it was determined that Olive WAS a good candidate for cataract surgery!! OUR FIRST OF MANY who had hoped to regain their sight!! Her drainage was good, her retinas appeared to be attached, her pressures were good and she "dazzled", meaning her eyes were sensitive to the bright lights that Dr Sandberg shone in her eyes (like dialating pupils, although with the cataracts you cannot see the pupils of course)...

Add OLIVE was such a good girl and we were elated with the hope of her being able to see again!! Then our hopes were momentarily shattered by the estimate... aprox $4200 for the surgeries for both eyes and another $1000- $1500 for the after care appointments/follow up.. (estimates posted) WE NEED TO RAISE between $5700-$6000... can we do it?? WE ARE SURE GOING TO TRY!!!

So, he we are... LOOK at this little beauty! Olive has 3 wishes. Two have already come true... 1 - she found her way out of that awful shelter...2 - she found a couple who love her and have given her a GREAT LIFE.. (I WILL NOT OFFICIALLY ADOPT OLIVE to them until we (as a team) work at doing our best for Olive) and of course Olive's third wish is to be able to see again... She wants to see the green grass and her doggie friends at the park, and the smiles on her mom and dad's face as she greets them when they come home from work... we need a little help.. We plan to work VERY HARD to make this happen.. we have a whole series of fundraising events scheduled which we will lay out.. we are not asking for a big hand out.. but TOGETHER if we each do just a little bit.. we can make it happen!!

We are going to need YOUR HELP and PARTICIPATION.. we are willing to WORK SO HARD to help Olive's wish number 3 happen!! Please be part of our Miracle Team for Olive!!

Olives Surgery Estimates are as follows:

Monday, 17 March 2014

Our Newest Rescue, Benny

BENNY... Oh boy, where do we even start?? Sweet Benny... He is in need of a lot of help right now, and we WILL get it for him!! 

We need to raise some money to get going with things for Benny. He has suffered long enough! He will need Xrays, blood panel, dental Xrays, extractions, ears flushed, skin tumors removed and biopsied, shave down, pain meds etc.
Thank you in advance for donating to help us help Benny!
Donate here:

Benny is most likely around 8 years old instead of the 5-6 the shelter thought he might be but that's OK, he is a LOVE and we are going to do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING to get this boy on the road to good health.  We have already spent close to $1000 on him in the US but we need to FIX his little issues so we are going on an all-out campaign to raise close to $2000 for his medical expenses.

To start, Benny he has mild cataracts which not a big deal at this point but we will get him to the specialist at a later date. His teeth are a MESS and this needs to be taken care of right away.  He requires dental Xrays and will for sure need some extractions and a cleaning. Benny’s teeth are some of the worst we have seen.

He is riddled with skin tumors – he has 5 or 6 that will need to come off when we sedate him.
Benny is under weight and malnourished.  His weight is currently 10.4 kg - you can see his spine and he has very little muscle tone in his back legs.  He most likely had been crated a long time.

But look at his sweet face... how can you NOT love him?? At WCCR we don't look for the prettiest or the youngest or the easiest to adopt dogs, we look for the dogs who NEED our help THE MOST… isn't that what rescue is really all about??  Helping those who TRULY need our help. Benny was overlooked by a lot of rescue.  But, we saw the gem that lies under the matted fur, rotted teeth and skinny malnourished body.  He is SO WORTHY of a second chance at a great rest of his life.

Thank you in advance for donating to help us help Benny!

~Your friends at WCCR.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kelsey's School Fundraising Project for WCCR!


For those of you interested in supporting Kelsey's fundraising campaign, you may donate here:
Dear Teddy

I wanted to let you know YOU are my inspiration for my grade 9 socials project. When we found your video and pictures on West Coast Cocker Rescues website, we immediately fell in love with you. We were looking for a friend for o...ur golden retriever Lola and thought you looked like you could be a good brother to her.

We quickly filled out an application and could not wait until we heard back from WCCR. Two days later your Canadian rescue mom, Bonnie Marshall called us to set up an appointment to meet you and on March 21, 2013, Bonnie brought you to meet me and my family and our journey together began.

In the beginning, our hearts would break every time you would cry in your sleep, or flinch when we tried to pat you...

You used to be very wild and crazy, you jumped up continuously wanting attention, you guarded certain items and would nip at us if we tried to take things away from you and if we tried to wipe your feet. All of this we excused as we knew you had a challenging past and we saw how smart you were and that you had a sweet little personality.

All YOU needed was our love, guidance, rules, exercise, a regular routine and to security to become a wonderful companion and member of our family...

A few months later, once you started to trust us and feel secure, you stopped jumping up, you nipped less and would let us wipe your feet if we gave you a treat.

Over the past year you have come such a long way and we are so proud of you:

You are able to be off leash at the park and do not mind the wet grass any more You come when you are called, you can sit, lay down, twirl and shake a paw (thanks to Sarah P – “here”), You are able to have free run of the house when we leave. You sleep when we sleep (we love when you snore so loudly that you wake us up )You do not flinch or cry in your sleep any more, you kiss us instead of nipping. You can be trusted with other dogs and people. You are a wonderful little brother to Lola And me. You make us feel better when we are sick . You go to the door to let us know that you have to “GO”. You show us how happy you are with when you curl your back and wiggle your cute little tail

But Most of all YOU have taught me how wonderful it is to give a rescue dog a chance and in return, you have given me the most precious gift of all " LOVE" ! Because of this gift and what you have taught me I want to let others know how wonderful it feels to adopt a dog from West Coast Cocker Rescue and to thank your guardian angles Bonnie, Elyse for rescuing YOU!

In just a few weeks, On March 13, our mom and I will be off on a RESCUE MISSION. We are travelling
to meet your California Rescue mom, Elyse Smith, who will take us to some of the California Kill
shelters and we will rescue 2 cocker spaniels before they are euthanized. We will fly home on March 16 and meet Bonnie where we will take the new WCCR rescues to be vet checked and groomed just like you were. Then we will help with boarding, giving them love and finding a forever home for them!!!

Thank you Teddy for everything you have taught me.

I love you so much!


Friday, 27 December 2013


We have quite a few cockers in boarding who would love to be in a loving home environment to being to learn, trust and know love. Fostering is free - we pay for the food, grooming and vetting. Please help us spread the word! 

Online foster and adoption application can be found here:

Top 10 Reasons to Foster

a Rescued Animal
  1. Companionship without a lifetime commitment.
  2. Animals that have endured hardship can benefit greatly from a loving home.
  3. Fostering provides a great lesson in compassion and it’s a wonderful, life-affirming experience.
  4. If you have one or more dogs or cats, one more won’t make a difference to you, but it sure will make a difference to the foster animal who otherwise might not have a second chance at life.
  5. Fostering increases the likelihood of adoption. When the dog you’ve fostered is loved and accepted in its forever home it is because of the love you’ve given them!
  6. Increased "human interaction" greatly helps foster animals who often come from neglectful or abusive situations, and let's not forget what "pet interaction" can do for you by lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress, and giving you a real sense of self-worth.
  7. You undoubtedly will get attached but when you meet the new family that's ready to provide a permanent home for the dog fostered, you’ll feel more than satisfied to see him/her move on to a new life.
  8. It's fun!
  9. You’re able to share with your foster animal what a life filled with love should be.
  10. More foster homes means more animals’ lives will be spared from pounds and kill shelters. Only a small fraction of animals impounded every year are rescued from the terrible fate of euthanasia. FOSTERING IS A REAL WAY TO SAVE A LIFE!
West Coast Cocker Rescue is always looking for short and longer term fosters.